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                        The Future Of Information Technology

                                                                                       - Riya

There was a time when it was difficult to disseminate knowledge. news and messages travelled at the pace of post horses. then telegraphy changed everything. Telephones quickened its pace. at present fax machines, mobiles, computers and internet have brought a revolution in the field of information technology. now it is very easy and also cheap to send or disseminates information about anything under the sun.

the future of   information technology is bright. there would be more sophisticated machines to help us disseminate knowledge. mobiles would be enable us to send or receive messages, listen to songs, watch movies and T.V. programmes, do net-surfing, and many other things. computers would provide us all information and act as our brains. the internet would be more extensive and intensive. Nano chips would be filled in our bodies o monitor and control body functions. Of course, everything would be at a huge cost. in the era of quick information, we would have no time for reflection and no value for wisdom!

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Future of information technology
technology over many years will be different and more advanced wid great improvements as it has becom more personalised and more customised.
 Self-service n self publishing r increasing as is d functionality, ease of use n diminishing size of technology devices.usability of technology wil increase wid time and bcom evn more integrated biologically 
 The integration of technologies wil expand, including communications, computing, audio, video, handwriting n speech recognition, facial recognition, virtual keyboards and virtual screens, while bcoming much smaller nd more powerful.
der r soo many technology come up nowadays each hv different uses or purposes example mobile technology wich deals wid smart phones,tablets etc;transport technology wich deals wid transportation medical technology which refers to d diagnostic,therapeutic application of science and to improve management of health conditions etc.all d technology are looking forward to improve their technology
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