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A clean environment is a public facility.
The public needs, pure sanitation,
proper roads,
clean environment,etc...
Making and achieving these are the far most important goals of a nation.
Thus, the day to day public needs which are under the public welfare is not alone the government's duty, it is also to ensure the clean environment, without any pollutants is their duty.
Thus, a clean environment is a public facility, as it provides some facility to the public.
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"Clean environment is a public facility'".. This statement means that ever citizen of a country should abd must keep environment neat and clean. Every citizen has the right to keep country clean. Human beings, factories and vehicles pollute the air with carbon dioxide, monoxide and poisonous gases. But the oxygen which the trees give out lessens their harmful effect. Secondly, pollution caused by the dumping of wastes in streets, rivers, living places must be stopped at all cost. Pollution is one of the main reason for environmental pollution. Now its our responsibility to keep our environment clean .
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