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Respected sir,
This to make the self defence classes made part of the curriculum and mandotry fr girls with the help of ur newspaper. As nowadays we always see crimes which r taken placed against women in our society. Most of the victims would be age if they learn to protect themselves. But lack of instructions made them weak. From my point of view all the girls should be taught martial arts so that they can go out of the house without any fear. So i request u to help me in completing this task as it can save thousands of girls from crimes.
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Your adress date receiver's adress subject: self defence classes should be made part of the curriculum and mandatory for grils. Sir, Sir as the above mentioned topic self defence classes should be made part espeially for girls because nowadays there is so many cruel things happening in soceity. So i request you sir to make these self defence classes in curicullum. Thanking you, yours sincerely your name
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