The statue of the dog was an important landmark in Tokyo as it reminded them; let them know how loyal Hachiko was to his master.
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Hachiko was a spitz dog born in a farm near the city of odate, spitz  Prefecture who is remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner which continued for many years after his owner's death.
Hachiko Statue is a famous statue of a dog who possessed legendary loyalty to his owner. Hachiko Statue has become a popular tourist attraction and meeting place. The true story of Hachiko the dog, who was a golden brown male Akita Inu (a Japanese breed from the mountains of northern Japan), who would arrive at Shibuya Station(dis is a place wer he use to wait for his master to return) every day just to wait for the return of his master Professor Hidesaburo Ueno. This pattern went on for just over a yearuntil one day in 1932 Professor Hidesaburo Ueno did not return. He had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage while away at work and died. For the next nine years, Hachiko continued to arrive at the station at just the right time to meet the train that should carry his master. Over these nine years, the fame of Hachiko grew with article in newspapers. The story of Hachiko was often told to children as an example of great loyalty.
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