There was a boy named Max who was studying in 8th standard . He always speaks lies to his friends and parents. Now he was to prepare for a cycle test . His mother and father do not know about this because he din't inform to them . After all the exam was over the results came . Max scored very low in the test , he dint inform his parents about this also . He hid the test papers in his cupboard . From that time he was afraid that whether their parent's would find the papers and his parents saw a peculiar behavior in his day to day life . One day when his mother opened his cupboard for arranging the dress she found some papers under the shelf . When she opened and saw it , she was very angry . In 6:00 pm when Max came to home from tuition he saw his mother and father standing very angrily in front of the door . Then Max got advises from his parents and realised that we can't hide a truth for long time and then he slept.
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When Javier Francisco Ovando was convicted and sentenced to 23 years in prison, the mother of his unborn child wept in the courtroom.The police officers who allegedly framed him--after paralyzing him with a bullet--"sat there and laughed," his daughter's grandmother, Gloria Romero, said Thursday.Romero said that she told Los Angeles police Officer Rafael A. Perez, who has told prosecutors he and his partner handcuffed and shot Ovando in the head: "God will punish you. Sooner or later the truth will come out."Few could have imagined that her prophecy would become a curse.In the worst LAPD scandal in decades, Perez has entered a plea bargain for theft of cocaine and told authorities that he and his partner lied under oath about Ovando's guilt. Ovando was freed Thursday from Salinas Valley State Prison.
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