I had an interview with an MLA, I asked him what and all u done for the people.
He said that I had putted roads, built bus stops, built hospitals etc...
I asked him that, when he did this, because he is in power for 4 1/2 years, and this is the election time.
He said me that, he did this after the last election.
I asked him that, after that, y u didn't done anything?
He said me that, he is waiting for the next election.
I asked him that the poors are benefited from your schemes or not?
He is without any speech.
Then, he promised me that he will do favour for the poor right now.
Then, the interview overed, and we handshaked, and I returned to my home.
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Recently as a part of a school activity, We took an interview of our local MLA. After the greetings. We started with the questions, which had been buzzing in my mind. As you might have already guessed, the first question  asked was related to the upcoming development strategies of our locality. Mr. Mukherjee, had some really good plans ready as developmental strategies. He put stress on the Swach bahart abhiyan. Soon  the abhiyan is to be made compulsory as a part of co curricular activities in all local schools. We will also see some development related to tourism in our area. Coming to the annual report, we got to know that our locality has achieved 100 percent literacy. Child labour has diminished a lot. We also came to know about Mr. Mukherjee as a family person beyond politics. He is a good sportsman and an avid fan of wrestling.