In the interview, I asked him what and do u done for us.
He said about the building of the hospital.
I asked him, that whether the people know it.
He replied that yes.
I said him that, his posters are everywhere, and so no one can see the way to the hospital.
He said that, he asked the people to tear it.
I replied him that, u said, but the people are thinking ur posters as u, so they didn't teared it.
I asked hid any other success.
He is without any speech for long.
He said that, he had putted roads, canals, etc... for the public welfare.
Is such a way the interview was.
At last, we handshaked and the interview was overed.
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I had an interview with the local mla Mr.kailash singh of jodhpur. Maximum people voted him. And for this he replied that people have great expectation from him and he is sure that he will fulfill all the expectations. When I asked him about his future plans he replied that he will build school for children as well as for their parents because most of the villagers are illetrate. So they r cheated by many people. To avoid this he is doing so. He is also starting a new scheme to give loans to poor cultivators. And at last I want to say that he is a perfect mla