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life  is a gift from the God who loves you. He has given all human life dignity.
 Because it is more than a feeling based on your present level of happiness. It is more than what you think about yourself, your friends or family, or the world. It begins with God's feeling about you and the value of your life..
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Life is a gift of God. . Life is once in a life time . If we donot use it usefully or enjoy it the you have missed the most brilliant thing . Everyone has there own meaning and there own perception of life.The meaning of life is to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. It's about traveling down different paths of your life and making decisions. You will make some mistakes, as all of us do. We learn from them and grow stronger. It's about being true to yourself, standing alone sometimes when you really believe in something and not fearing retribution. The true meaning of life lies in the freedom of the individual to take responsibility for their own life and make personal decisions that create and satisfy their own subjective experience.
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