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Earth Day means a lot to me. It is a birthday for the Earth. It gives you a chance to really see how beautiful
the world is. When I look at snowy mountains or just a field of poppies, I think it is so beautiful.
     There are many things that I think we can do to help the world. Even though the Earth still has trees and
flowers, we can do more. One thing I think we can change about the world is that we can stop cutting down
trees in the jungle. Another thing that I think we can change about the world is that we should stop throwing
trash in the sea. Think about the animals that get hurt by plastic bags. 
     We can also do more recycling and maybe use more electric cars instead of cars that run on gasoline. We can stop 
cutting down trees and disturbing wildlife. Trying to take care of the world is important. Try and stop all the pollution in the 
oceans and rivers.
     Our Earth is special so we have to take care of it or we might end up like the people that live in a spaceship
ground. I picked up the trash and threw it in the trash can right next to me. I can’t believe that people don’t just
throw their trash in the trash can!
     As I said Earth Day means a lot to me. I try my best to help the world and I hope you try too.
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