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The world I would like to grow up in :- -- Every men and women should be equally treated .Using of only non - pollutant sources.Every men should respect women as a God.Every child should get free education.Protect animals and plants .Deforestation should be banned .Every one should plant atleat one tree. .The person who violate the rules should be punished severely. Good people's should be praised every were.Technology must be developed in every countries. !!! Every citizen should follow the traffic rules.
So todays topic for essay writing is a world i want to live in.this topic seems very interesting.we all may have different views on this topic. My views on this topic are all very positive ones....they are : I want to live in a very simple world where, There is no fights.the world shold have people living in it without any jealousy. All the people should know how to respect and love each other. The children must know how to treat their parents with love and respect.they should obey them. There should be no enemity .people should treat both men and women with equal respect and their rights should also be equal.. This is what my views are.i hope you all will agree to me.