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M =  100 gms
At -10°C water exists as ice.  Ice block is heated to 0°C and at 0°c it melts to water.  Then from 0°C to 100°C liquid water is heated.  Then at 100°C the water is converted into steam by vaporisation.

heat needed = mass * specific heat * temperature rise
heat needed for change of state = mass * latent heat of fusion or vaporization

heat energy to raise temperature to 0°C: 100gm * 2.11 J/°K/gm (0°C - (-10°C))
             = 2.11 kJ
heat needed to melt at 0°C :  100 gm * 334 J/gm
           = 33.4 kJ
heat energy to raise temperature to 100°C = 100gm * 4.1813 J/°K/gm *(100°C-0°C)
           =  41.1813 kJ
heat energy to vaporize to steam at 100°C : 100 gm * 2260 J/gm
          = 226 kJ
heat energy to increase temperature of steam to 120°C
       = 100 gm * 2.080 J/°K/gm  * (20°C-0°C)
       = 4.160  kJ

Total heat energy = 304.7413 kJoules

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