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Times of India,


Subject- Self defence for girls

These days a very burning issue in our country is the insecurity of our girls. Almost every day, cases of harassment take place in our country. We have to make sure that such incidents don't take place any longer, and a major step towards this would be to empower girls. Stress has to be made on Self defence for girls. Our government has already taken steps to promote this. Martial arts and taekwondo have been made compulsory for girl students. Self defence classes and work shops are being held frequently. Still there is a lot left to do. More and more steps need to be taken to ensure that this reaches every nook and corner of our country. I hope that you'll understand the seriousness of the problem and publish this letter in your popular news paper, so as to aware the masses.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Soumita Chakraborty.

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The Editor
 Hindustan Times
Subject-Self Defense for girls
     Through the esteem column of your newspaper I would like to tell you about self-defense for girls. Female security has become a major issue nowadays. We need to protect the girls of our nation as they are the pride of our nation. It has really become a difficult task for them to go on work at night as it is very unsafe for them. Many boys are on the streets on night till 1 or 2 A.M in night. Girls can also not trust the taxi drivers as they also see them with a bad sight. Girls are self reliant but also need to learn self-defense because it can help them a lot. So I would request you to please publish my request in your newspaper to make people aware about sef-defecne.They should teach their daughters and sister wife and so on self-defense techniques such as karate. Girls should also carry safety measures like a knife, fork or pepper spray with themselves. Hope you will listen to my request. Thank you.

Your’s faithful
Anjali Priya