Planets do not twinkle cuz... they are not Limunious body... as they don't release any type of light energy from their bodies. From earth , we c many planets are shining or twinkling , actually they are not twinkling it is the reflection of the Sun's rays that cause the Shining.
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and if thats what he wants just ask him what else new theory we can add for it
bhayi tu bata how can we find refractive index of water
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continuosly changing atmosphere refract light from stars in different amounts by changing its movement or place to the other. when atmosphere refracts more star light comes toward the earth and they appears to be bright and when the atmosphere refracts less starlight then the stars appear to be dim.
however the planets are nearer to us than the stars which are appears to be comparitively bigger to us than the planets. so they cannot be consider as a point source, hence no twinkling is seen. and we can see the twinkling of stars because of the light rays of the sun that falls on them and get refracted. such they are seems to be twinkling
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