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''The most beautiful smile i ever had''write a story on it-
i was attending my English exam when i noticed this question on the writing section. what i felt was entirely different.if i have to answer that particular question i must bring her back to my memories.she wasn;t just a friend 4 me but some1 more than that-my soul mate,i could say! the smile that ultimately conquered even my heart!  
it was in a may we met. it was too hot. i had 20 Rs in the pocket of my shirt, which was sweating heavily. i went to an ice cream shop in the corner and order an ice for myself. i was waiting when i saw a familiar face in the parlour. it was my sister's best friend, arya. i had seen her with my sister many times but never talked to her. my sister been too talkative always blah-blahs about arya and the rest of the team.
so i in a very very formal way just to show that i'm her best friends brother(what if they buy a dessert 4 me)approached her with a hai. seeing me her blue eyes widened and the gloomy face bosomed! i sat beside her and we talked alot. after finishing my ice, as i was preparing to leave arya asked me in a very shyly manner:
''Audhith can you give me some money. i 4got 2 take my purse!''
''so that was the reason u were sitting here even after finishing ur dessert.
she looked @ me pathetically
i went 2 the counter and asked how much it was!
i was expecting just another 10RS, but the total was excluding mine was RS.150
''hei what were u eating?''i couldn't help exclaiming. remember i had only 20RS with me.
''we were 5 including aadhira! she went 2 take money from home.actually it was my treat but i told u i 4got my purse''
aadhira is my sisters name. i gave out a sigh....
i smiled @ the manager.he looked @ me angrily
''so lets wait!''
'i smiled @ her too and took my place in one of the chairs.
''why?can't u pay?''
''Na,'' i laughed'' i got only 20 rs''
you should see her laughing!''ha ha..aadhi..always carry at least rs 100 with her but her brother not even 50!!?"
''hei,what about u then ?'' we laughed
just then,''Wait so u were sitting here talking with arya!'' shouted the voice from behind-aadhira!''mom was enquiring about you!''
thank lord aadhira appeared and paid the money and i was relieved!arya too!
on the way back aadhira teased me about the 20RS-actually that 20RS was borrowed from aadhira all at once!
Even in between the blah blah of my sister i could see the twinkling in arya's eyes
and when biding good bye she smiled @ me-the most beautiful smile i ever had!

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