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When three elements are taken in order of their atomic masses then the average mass of 1st and 3rd elements is equal to the 2nd element.
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According to Dobereiner, the atomic weight(or the atomic mass) of the central element is nearly or exactly equal to the mean of the atomic weights of the other two elements in that triad.
For example, in the case of  Ca ( at. wt. = 40.0)
                                          Sr ( at. wt. = 87.6)
                                          Ba ( at. wt. = 137.3)
The atomic weight of the central element, Sr = (40 + 137.3)/2
                                                                 = (177.3)/2
                                                                 = 88.6
As this calculated value(=88.6) of Strontium is near to its actual atomic weight value(=87.6) ,Dobereiner concluded that traids like Calcium , Strontium and Barium traid justifies the law.

But, as not all the elements obey this law, Dobereiner's traid system is considered as a failure.
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