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1. Helen Keller: She is the author of The Story of My Life. The story is an autobiography of her life. 

2. Arthur H. Keller: Helen's father has been a captain in the Confederate army. He was hospitable man who enjoyed bringing guests home to see his garden.

3. Kate Keller: Helen's mother was an early source of comfort for the troubled child. Kate learned the manual alphabet so that she could communicate effectively with her daughter.

4. Anne Mansfield Sullivan: When Anne went to teach Helen Keller, she was only 20 yrs old and a recent graduate of the Perkins Institution for the blind. Throughout Helen's life, Sullivan was dedicated to supporting her efforts in education and in social reform, which was uninterrupted even after Anne married Helen's editor, John Albert Macy. Anne died in 1936.

5. Dr. Alexander Graham Bell:  Dr. Alexander Graham Bell first met Helen when she was 6 yrs old and her parents brought her to him for advice on how to teach her. Dr. Bell remained a friend to Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan. "The Story of My Life" is dedicated to him. 

6. Mr. Anagnos: The director of the Perkins Institution. He sent Anne Sullivan to Helen's home. He and Helen became friends. 

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