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Everyday we use internet,we go through many sites.We notice some while,while we forget names of some.But one of my favourite site is Brainly is a company based in Cracow,Poland.The main of this site is to help students with their homeowrks.The main mission of this site is” to inspire students to learn and explore knowledge in a collaborative community".

There many many ranks given to users starting from Begginer,Helping Hand,Ambitious,Virtuoso,Expert,Ace ,Genius and so on.Here I can ask question when I have problems or difficulties with my homework.Many subjects are available here.I can also answer questions as I am helping other users by this.I really hated History I used to mug up everything one day before History exam.But when I started answering questions on Brainly in History then I ofund that History is interesting,its just like a story  read it and frame it in your way.

Now I really love History and also I have got many best answers in History.I used to thought sometimes that I am only the child facing too many problems in Maths  but no-I was wrong I found many other users too dealing with the same problem.Also my English has improved a lot on Brainly.I have came to know many new words and I am learning more and more.

Thus I want to tell that Brainly has really helped me in my studies and I really want to thank the creator or founder of this  amazing site.Thank you

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First paragraph u wrote Cracow for Krakow
In second para u wrote ofund for found
In the third para wrote thought sometimes its think sometimes
but edit option is not coming
Not my fault
In internet, we have solution of each and every problem. We are helped by many websites. There r many websites but my favorite website is Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. There r almost 4.7 million articles available in Wikipedia. It gives us information of each and every place. As I have a hobby of exploring places and traditions, it helps me a lot. I love to read about famous personalities and Wikipedia gives me many information. A big salute and thanks to the founders of Wikipedia, jimmy wales and Larry Sanger. It is one of the most popular websites. Wikipedia gives summary of each and every novel or story. It also gives us plot of films. Wikipedia is my teacher, who has the solution of every problem. My problem is solved within seconds. So that's why, I like Wikipedia.
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wikipedia can be edited by anyone as u have said and this is one of its biggest disadvantage coz the edited information is not required to be correct!
wikipedia does not provide choice to its user. it got only one information and the user have to satisfy with it!
Usually in almost every websites this happen.
not in all website---more over wikipedia is widely used than all others .also it says it is provided by experts then why give an edition facility to outsiders?