These questions focus on developing your writing and creative skills. I have recommend that you frame such answers on your own. However, a few pointers are given below for your reference:

endangered species of animals are the ones that are in danger of extinction

-sometimes due to climatic changes, the animal species goes extinct as happened with dinosaurs ages ago

technological advancement has led to endangering of some species, like the common sparrow is dying due to radiation from mobile network towers

-use of pesticides in food eaten by cattle has led to indirect poisoning of vultures that are now endangered

-deforestation and poaching has endangered the tiger and lion

-judicious use of natural resources, afforestation and shunning goods made with animal skin and fur will help conservation

-superstitious belief in magical powers of rhino horn or elephant tusk has also endangered these animal species

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wildlife is our beauty of nature gifted by the god they are found every where on the earth but we are vanishing the wild life for our uses for entertainment , for money we are hunting and killing the large number of species we are exploiting the large number of species as a result species are going to extinct and vanishing from the earth  whenever hunting occurs for our entertainment , leaders and his body parts  at rates greater than the reproductive capacity of the population is being exploited and population is decreasing by this bad habits of humans .All wild populations of living things have many complex intertwining links with other living things around them. Today, only 3,200 tigers populate 42 source sites across thirteen countries in Asia that are now the last hope and greatest priority for the conservation and recovery of the world’s largest cat and other animals are also going to vanished . Destruction of wildlife  always lead to an extinction of the species and we have to save them  from thieves of nature .

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