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 Well, cricket is unique in plenty of ways. However, the best thing about cricket for me is that despite being a team sport, it gives opportunity for individual talent to show through as well, unlike football. So you have a team sport that is like an individual game as well. 

Added to this, cricket isn't only about talent, unlike many other sports. It requires a lot of good thinking and patience, and innovation can always be a big help as well. 
Cricket also seems to contribute a lot to character building, for instance perseverance, team spirit, integrity and ambition. These are just a few points and I know there would be plenty more, but that is probably beyond the scope of a single page. 
Some games in cricket may be a bit dull, but when it's a close contest, I doubt whether there are many sports that can contain the same intensity level. 
To conclude, it's just one brilliant game that has made me devoted to itself and which means to me more than just entertainment. 

hope this helps a bit!!!...:)

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Cricket is the national game of england.
It increase enthusiasm, team spirit and sometimes friendship.
People also play cricket to keep themselvelves fit and fine.
Today, more than england many contries like this game and are more capable of winning

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