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Everyday we use internet,we go through many sites.We notice some while,while we forget names of some.But one of my favourite site is Brainly is a company based in Cracow,Poland.The main of this site is to help students with their homeowrks.The main mission of this site is” to inspire students to learn and explore knowledge in a collaborative community".

There many many ranks given to users starting from Begginer,Helping Hand,Ambitious,Virtuoso,Expert,Ace ,Genius and so on.Here I can ask question when I have problems or difficulties with my homework.Many subjects are available here.I can also answer questions as I am helping other users by this.I really hated History I used to mug up everything one day before History exam.But when I started answering questions on Brainly in History then I ofund that History is interesting,its just like a story  read it and frame it in your way.

Now I really love History and also I have got many best answers in History.I used to thought sometimes that I am only the child facing too many problems in Maths  but no-I was wrong I found many other users too dealing with the same problem.Also my English has improved a lot on Brainly.I have came to know many new words and I am learning more and more.

Thus I want to tell that Brainly has really helped me in my studies and I really want to thank the creator or founder of this  amazing site.Thank you

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