These are some of the groups who are often subjected to marginalization-

I) Working class

ii) Immigrants

iii) Women

iv) Dalits

and in countries where racism still prevails, Blacks also form a marginalized community.

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The author starts by explaining the definition and meaning of the word marginalization, what causes it and what constitutes it, as part of the introduction. He then goes on to explain certain sections of the society that have faced marginalization and discrimination. A detailed substantiation of the same has been made using graphs and other statistical figures. Immediately after, the author switches to explaining about the Garo tribe in North East India and provides the historical background, present status and study area profile of the same. Elaborating upon the educational and socio-cultural status of the tribe, he goes over the suggestions and recommendations made by certain NGOs in India to reduce the marginalization being faced by this tribe. In furtherance of the recommendations, a conclusion is drawn by him mentioning ways to improve and execute the programs intended to protect this tribe.”

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