what is the next number

It is at the maximum now
oh oh better lunk next time..
Why wait for next time..See I got chance this time only...Your wishes are lucky..
oh really then i wish u all success.. sure u ll reach ur ambition and ur destiny as per ur hope and wishes :) always be happy :)
Thanks for all you said..Hope these help me..


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Just * each number and add, like 1*3 = 3 then its 16, 1*6 = 6 then its 22, 2*2=4 then its 26 and go on... 
answer is 74
2 5 2
102 is a correct answer
yes simply putting answer is not a good deal... u can work on how to get the answer :) am happy hope u could understand the solution... is it?
The number is 102...