We were on a school excession to the national art gallary. We were busy watching the various arts from the colours used. My friend were there with me but all of sudden i found myself alone and the little boy in the portrait start asking me some question. Write a story in breif



I was shocked and spellbound. The boy directed me to a portrait with a lady sitting on a chair. The lady told me that people with a pure heart can only see and hear them speak. I was proud but puzzled. I wanted to bombard her with many questions. So I asked her about how they were able to be alive and speak. She let out a high pitched laugh and said that the painter was also a magician who helped them to live even after their death. As I was pondering about this answer I suddenly found myself in the room with my friend. She told me that I had dozed off hearing the lecture given there. As I moved to the next section I glanced over the portrait of the boy, he winked at me.