The tides caused by sun are called "Solar tides" and that by moon are called        "Lunar tides". The tides occur due to gravity of moon and sun.

Sun is 27 million times massive than moon but it is also 390 times further from earth. So, moon's gravity affects the oceans more than the sun's gravitational pull.
This causes moon to influence more on tides caused in the oceans. Still influence of sun on tides is not less. In the bay of Fudney sun causes highest tides int  he world.

Air is a medium made up of many gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide etc. It is spread as a layer over the earth. Wind occurs when there is lower concentration of air at on place and higher a another. at that time, air from higher concentration tends to move towards lower concentration. thus moving air is called wind
No the sun is not responsible for tides it only caused by moon