We are living on our mother earth. and earth is known as living planet. there is no other planet where we can live.and it is the only planet contains 3/4th of water which is our basic need. now days we are polluting the mother earth in many ways they are water ,air, soil etc. and we are not only polluting our mother earth and our envirorment also . we had a slongan vricsho rashitha rachshetha . it means if we  protect trees they will protect us . and we should not pollute water . because frech water aviablity of water in declineing by day by day so every drop coutnes . so dont pollute our mother earth.

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hey plz mark me as best dear
Mother Earth as we all call it is our home.Mothers nurture their kids ,they take care of their each and every need and sacrifice everything for their kids so that they can live merrily.This is the condition with Earth too.It supplies us with our basic needs that are food, clothing and shelter and also our wants just like our mothers.Hence we call Earth as Mother Earth and not just a planet.Humans have been exploiting our planet since the beginning of time and are doing it till the present date but our planet does not question them and is letting them exploit herself.But like every living organism she can undergo exploitation till a certain level and there will be a day when she'll avenge for her loss and that day will be marked by the death of the biosphere.

We need to learn to give more than we take.this nature marks the positive vibes within a person hence we should ensure that if we are continuing deforestation,afforestation should be done thrice its time.this is the only way we can repay mother nature for our behavior.

Hence learn to give first if you want to take from Mother nature.

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