Read the following poem Taj Mahal by R. Parthasarthy and answer questions that follow:
1) what literary devices has the author used in the poem?
2) Does the poem make you sad? Give reasons for your answer. (250 words)
3) Sum up the poem in your own words. (100)



On the river like a humped bull)
b)Personification( Taj has been thought of being a living thing)
d)Metaphor(Earth's other moon)
2. Yes, seeing the Taj's sufferings, how we are all blind to its cries, does make me sad. The so called development, we have made has polluted our environment. The Yamuna, which earlier was a holy river, is now the home to filth and dirt. The bulls are squatting, flies buzzing around, but we are simply carrying on with our own life, not caring about the Taj. One of the seven wonders of the world is laying ignored and uncared for, this is  really shameful and sad.3.
The poem,gives us a sad feeling, as it stands as a reminiscence of the beautiful gone by days, of the royal aura.  But now, the hustle-bustle of life, the madness for money, for power and among all other worldly woes and worries, the royal tomb, earth's another moon, the Taj-mahal  lays forgotten. The rivers around it have gone filthy, polluted, still, who's there to care? The crown of India, our Taj is suffering, but we, the people can't even spare a few minutes from our life, to respond to its cries, and the Taj goes on suffering.