Dry hydrogen gas does not turn blue litmus to red where as hydrochloric acid do......why?explain briefly n it is of 5 marks!!!! plz frnds fast!!

it is hydorgen chloride gas iam sorry!!!
Hydrogen Chloride gas will turn blue litmus paper red only if the litmus paper is wet with some pure water. This is because when the gas comes into contact with the water on the paper, it becomes acidic, turning the litmus paper red.

If the litmus paper is dry, it won't


Litmus is a soluble substance. Litmus is extracted from naturally occuring plants, the lichens. Litmus changes its colour to RED in an acidic solution, and it changes its colour to BLUE in basic or alkaline solution. 
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Acid shows acidic property only in the presence of water. dry HCl  not contain water it do not show acidic property, thus blue litmus doesn't turn red. wet the litmus paper and pass HCL gas so it turn the blue to red. HCL gas become acidic when it comes contect in water.  
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