Modern lifestyle both at the same time, both are living very comfortable and very tiring. If we study the lives of middle-class modern family so it can be easily analyzed.

Never have so many modern mechanical equipment that today's housewife and her home is much easier than past work quickly finds its counterpart. Within a very short period of time he is able to work in the house and then she devoted her time to other activities of interest in the position.

So much so that good but, in the bargain, he said he had worked himself if he could get all the effort and loses out on exercise. Housewife is also a working woman, the problem is still moving forward. Yes, the advantage of mechanical devices are helpful, but it is time to go to the office, in the morning, look at her plight. With the burden of work all the time so he gets no relief to escape the tools at his disposal is still a machine. He's more like a machine at home and at the office or place of work is doing all the work like a robot. He also has no time for these frivolities, love, care of the finer aspects of life such as family loses out on choice. Thus, the woman who was taking care of the finer qualities of womanhood is a picture that has lost Sheen. He said he shunting between home and office, as if all the time, no emotion, no time, no special interests is a machine.
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