Answer the following :

1. Describe the Lavinia's Ouija board party ?
2. Why was the poet afraid of the snake ?
3. How does Shakespeare uses omens or supernatural power to inform Caesar about his death before he went to the senate's house ?

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a-;Lavinia brings an ouija board home and announces a party with the women with her book club. The writer drowned in concentration by her declaration, tries to convince Lavinia, his wife to drop the idea. how ever his wife make him a partner of laura hinkle, one of the women of book club who is quite fond of Mr. Hallok, to work on the ouija boards. Though he tired to resist his wife paid no heed. When the speed descended , laura asked him to tell something the pointer started moving with the letters to point out the work"TRAITOR" 
B-The poet was afraid of the snake because of the voice of the human education, which makes him think that the snakes are poisonous, and these are to be killed.
So, at last the poet threw a log at it. He was in a fear accompanied by the thought that if he didn't through a log at it, he would be considered as a uncourageous one.
So, at last because of his fear, and this, he threw the log at the snake.
C-A vision of Caesar’s imminent murder comes to Calpurnia in a dream; the vision is fulfilled the following day as the conspirators bathe their hands in Caesar’s blood. The night before Caesar’s murder, Rome is assaulted with horrifying supernatural occurrences that defy nature. Although Calpurnia has paid little attention to omens in the past, she is terrified by these displays of the supernatural. The ghosts that walk the streets of Rome prefigure a far more ominous spirit that appears in Act IV when the Ghost of Caesar, a “monstrous apparition,” materializes in Brutus’s tent and speaks to him of the future. “[T]hou shalt see me at Philippi,” the Ghost intones, predicting with certainty Brutus’s destruction. Like Calpurnia, Brutus is horrified to experience that which exists beyond the natural world
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