Technoloy has evolved and has become advance than before and it keeps advancing due to new researches and discoveries in its field. Technology has helped us humans in many various fields of work like engineering, industrial design, and aeronautical engineering etc. But what has made technology popular among ordinary people, the reason is that you can communicate easily through it. These days people are interviewed online via their computer, not only that, people can easily talk or chat with their relatives living in the other corner of the world just with the help of their computers, mobiles, and a data package etc. Though there are some risks in using it, people should know how to handle this thing!, they should not offend someone online, they should be social minded, secular, and wise while using it because it can sometimes cause controversies. I believe people should go out, meet other people, interact with them! instead of sitting in front of their mobile's and computers all day long. Everything is done online, it might have helped people in coming closer but, can bring problems if you don't know how to use it.
Development in technology has affected means of communication because nowadays we can easily comunicate within the country and abroad. Communication knits the people of the country together as a nation. Today we r aware of every place, people and happening due to advancement in communication.
The means of communication helped in bringing people closer because communication is lifeline of a country. It brings people closer toward co operations and inter dependence. It facilates trade and help settlements to grow.