Read the passage and fill in the blanks-
student- i'm sorry for my mistake madam
teacher-which mistake are you talking about
student- i imitated you behind your back.
The student apologized to the teacher saying that(A)------------------------------------ . The teacher asked him(B)----------------------------------------------- .He explained that (C)--------------------------------------------- .



A)he is sorry for his mistake.
B)about the mistake he was talking about.
C)he imitated her behind her back.
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reported speech is always in past tense if u dont know
you could loose a lot of mark there!
correct it enough fast--
your option a is WRROONNGGG!!blah blah--i had said enough!
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The Brainliest Answer!
A) he was sorry for his mistake.
B) of which mistake he was talking about.
C) he had imitated her behind her back.
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