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As you assemble your portfolio, consider these recommendations:
Include 10-20 original pieces of artwork completed in seventh or eighth grade. One of the selections may be a sketchbook of your ideas and preliminary drawings. Do not include copies or “works in the style of” famous artists.
Artwork should be from observation–portrait, figure, interiors, still-life, landscapes, and cityscapes. You may also add some work from imagination and memory.
The work should demonstrate your understanding of composition and the Principles of Design:
- Unity/Variety
- Balance /Emphasis
- Rhythm
- Repetition
- Proportion/Scale
- Figure/Ground

You may select works that are thematic to show an in-depth investigation of an idea OR you may include a variety of subjects to show a breadth of interests.
Include a variety of media such as drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, and media-technology to demonstrate your skill with different tools, materials, and techniques.