Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:
There is considerable merit in locating creative writing with naturalness rather than with specializations. Marginalized sections of society, the underprivileged, and the exploited can make their voices heard effectively through stories, poems, novels, drama and autobiography. They may not have access to expensive or elite education so they may not be able to occupy the valorised positions in society; but everybody can tell a story.

i) Write down the main ideas in the passage in your own words. (4 marks)
ii) What does “occupy the valorized positions in society” mean? (2 Marks)




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1.) The passage talks about, that anyone either from fringes of minority or backward class or uneducated society or a person can make their sufferings can be said or projected out by novels,; autobiography; drama;poem ect ..... Where as no one can say this story or saying out should be in standard way they can say it or do it by there own way.... 2.)valorized position : a position who has the power or authority in the government/society to change the value or state of the out come
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