1 person:- hi friends
2;- hi dear !
3 ) whats up guys?
4 why we gathered here guys
5 nothing next week we going to take hoildays . rigth.
1 2 3 4 yah. then wat.
nothing .we should submit our project rigth yes.
this meeting is about our poject naaa
ya! you got it.
we are all going to an forest and our project.
now days in forest also its rare to find animals
yes, its right
we should do something to save them.
yes u right yar.
then wat to do now.
we should    some thing to help in there extint stage.
any other????
can u plz mark me best
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Naina , Sam , Priya , Upali , Rupal are the 5 persons. They say Hi! to each other . Then the conversation starts 
Naina - So friends Do you know that today when I was reading newspaper I saw an article about endangered animals I felt very sad .
Sam - Yes, There are many endangered animals and  the wildlife of India is in danger. People are killing them to fulfill their needs. We have become so selfish 
Upali- We sould really do something What can we do?
Priya- We are children now so we should do something which we are able to do. We should not buy things made from animal skin and their body parts.
Rupal - As people are destroying the habitat of animals , the forests the animals are not getting any place to live so they enter to cities or destroy crops or attack people.
Naina- Wild life and forests are the gifts of nature its very precious for us.
Upali- If Wild life and forest will not be there then life will loss much of its beauty , colour and meaning.
Sam - To prevent it government is taking many steps It is making many national parks wldlife santuaries , zoo logical parks etc. It is also charging fine and imprisonment on killing animals.
Priya- Yes , But if people change their mind set and understand the importance of wildlife and forests then The wildlife will always remain safe.
Rupal - In our earth everyone is dependent on each other  if anyone will be missing then it will result the destruction of Earth so we should never kill the animals and destroy their habitats.
Upali- Do you know friends this year we will celebrate Van mahotsav and Wildlife very nicely in our schools.
Priya, Sam , Rupal , Naina - Yes We will!!

Hope you like it And please mark as best as I have took a lot of time typing this all ! I had discussed about wildlife and endangered animals so you also add more dialogs from your own and add more information.

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