This is the story of a boy grows up he wants to be a named Kabir asked when the 26 / 11.He says that terrorists would like to be able to offer such a great man's life during an attack, it is the November 2008.He Mumbai terror and railway announcer for 10 years and save the lives of many people who would like to be like flags Vishnu Marg says fighting self Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan like to be like his life and put his own life.He thinking he was not leaving here with tears in their eyes, heard it all your classmates Taj hotel, Hemant Karkare, Sheikh Mohammed and would like to be like Taufeeq Sandra Samuel.All of GM Karambir Singh Kang, he says. Mrs.Buruah was also crying .He, every teacher was appreciated ......... U and I hope that helped :)
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