It started from 1789. during French revolution, there came 5 successive governments- 1st was the OLD REGIME, 2nd was the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY, 3rd was the JOCOBINS, 4th was the DIRECTORY also known as CONVENTION and 5th was the NEPOLEONS.  

old regime followed the feudal system. I think that that much u must be knowing. there were three estates 1st and 2nd estate (clergy and noble) were the head of the 3rd estate(working people, middle class people and highly educated people). after the problems faced by the people in 3rd estate they protested and formed national assembly where only men were given the rights to equality, liberty and fraternity.

as women and peasants and lower class people didn't got their rights, they formed many political clubs, most famous of them was of jacobins. people in this club wore long stripped pants instead of knee breeches which was worn by nobles. this made them different from nobles. in addition to that they also wore red cap which states the symbol of equality. but as robespierre was the head of the group and he was behaving ridiculously to those who didn't follow his instructions so jacobins fall.then came the rule of directory which was the executive of france. it consisted of 500 representatives, 5 of them were head but they also fight among themselves. so this rule was also came down. then the last but not the least came the rule of nepoleons. they were originally not of france but they worked for france. they introduced equality and helped france to become completely republic country.                                                                       

women were also fighting for their rights and final in 1946 they got their rights. I hope this whole info helps you out. this is the whole chapter which I hav explained you in my simpliest language.