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 Nature is one of the best inventors and we are too far to match it. So we term it as its magic. Nature has created things so magical that we cant imagine ; such as the velvety texture of a flower, the lush green forests, cool experience of a flowing stream etc. We owe ourselves to nature because although, there are many magical things nature has bestowed upon us but again, we are its best magic. the soft skin of our body, the pale fur coats of certain animals, the vast flowing seas, the splendid climate of different places, the tantalizing showers of monsoon and of course, the delicious and sumptuous food we eat is all a part of nature's magical act. We are so endorsed in our materialist lives that what auspicious thing nature has given us are forgotten by us. We live as a part of nature's play and in spite of knowing it, we don't credit nature but only ourselves for its magic. Our magic is nothing more than destroying nature selfishly. The broad plains, colossally winding plateaus, marvelous flora and fauna, fantastic landscapes which nature magically had created for us is being destroyed only by us. So,more than anything, we should thank nature for its mysterious and magical experiences.  
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