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We can control the formation of slums by controlling the population ( mainly ). Every one should be educated .Government should build some buildings for the poor people . Job opportunities should be given for the poor people also . By this we can stop developing slums in the cities.
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Basically, a place where majority of population is poor and devoid of primary necessities is called a slum.

Slums need to taken special care of. Government should spend some amount from G.D.P. for development of slums. Mainly, cleanliness programmes should be undertaken in such zones and places nearby it. Awareness programmes should be carried out to make the people of slums know about their rights. Facilities should be arranged to educate them. The should be given food grains and things if household use at subsidized rates and also should be employed on basis of physical work. They should be trained in diploma and free courses such as plumbing, carpentry etc. so that they would become self employed. health facilities should be provided tom them free of cost. population rate in such areas should be decreased. So, people of these areas would come up.