Electronic waste, or e-waste, cast-off televisions, computer monitors, keyboards, mice, processor (CPU's), printer, scanner, fax machine, pocket computer (PDAs), walkie- talkie, baby monitors, including the high-tech waste, specific types of watches, cell phones, and in other words, anything digital that is no longer being used. Together added, this information-age detritus in the US and up range fastest growing waste into more complex circuitry, complex devices disposal, electronics such as mercury, lead, arsenic, kedamiyama, and elyuminiyamabarobara toxic as the element metallization one used to make some of the alloys substances that pose a risk to both humans and the environment are from.
Lead deposits occur in the body and eventually affect the nervous and reproductive system, kidneys, is toxic. 


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E waste are also called as electronic waste.The waste like Tv,computer,radio,printers and many other electronic items.It emits radiation that affects humans.