BEst birthday is day when we got every thing best not best but excellenmt i also to had a best birthday when i was at 15 year old... then you can add that your one friend from far city gave you surprize on the same day your 10 board result was ther and you scored above 90 And so on.. and on

It was morning and everything was zig zag. i felt that day to be so odd. i don't know what was happening that morning. i felt that the earth was shaking so i slept again. and everything was normal in a period of time. i wondered why this happened? i woke up again and saw that i was in a new world. i was so happy and afraid too.
                                                                                                      suddenly some noise frightened me. i searched of my parents and astonished why did i come here. some ghosts surrounded me and wished me a very happy birthday. i don't know how did they come to know about my birthday.
                                                        i cried a lot but no one was there to hear my cries except the terrorizing ghosts. the ghosts opened their mask and it was my family members. i cried and hugged them. it was all the settings of universal studio in Singapore. i sorted out this as my best birthday.