Galactic Damp Pistol Wars
A Science Fiction Plot
by mayuresh
A long, long time ago in a vast galaxy...After leaving the ugly planet Venus, a group of old folk fly toward a distant speck. The speck gradually resolves into a carefree, space towers.Civil war strikes the galaxy, which is ruled by Alice Gobble, a red wizard capable of robbery and even cruelty.Terrified, an ample alien known as Sharon Jones flees the Empire, with his protector, Bob Trescothik.They head for Liverpool on the planet Epsilon Eridani. When they finally arrive, a fight breaks out. Trescothik uses his damp pistol to defend Sharon.Trescothik and Alien Sharon decide it's time to leave Epsilon Eridani and steal an ufo to shoot their way out.They encounter a tribe of pixies. Trescothik is attacked and the alien is captured by the pixies and taken back to Liverpool.Trescothik must fight to save Alien Sharon but when he accidentally unearths a deep torch, the entire future of the damp, ugly galaxy is at stake.
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I was going to my freinds house one night i saw a huge ufo. At first i got scared. Then i followed the path. It derailed somewhere far bdyond the groceryshop and in the stadium. When i went to investigate the situation i saw a dozen of aliens hoping out of the ufo. I got scared and hid behind a tree. They were small. I thought that tgey were lookimg for food but then i got to know they were searching for fuel. i made some mind and went to talk with them. I was sure they were searching for fuel. Then i guided them to a petrol bunk where each of them had bought a can and filled diesel at the top of that. Then they all went and refuelled there engine back. When they started to take of there was great pressure exerted on the ground. It made a small crater in the stadium. I wished them goodbye and went to my home to explain to my mother why i was late