Nowadays technology is playing important role that we are lazy to cook food and depending on the machines for our daily survival.
Several companies in the food industry have played a role in the development of food technology. These developments have contributed greatly to the food supply and have changed our world. Some of these developments are:Instantized Milk Powder - D.D. Peebles (U.S. patent 2,835,586) developed the first instant milk powder, which has become the basis for a variety of new products that are rehydratable in ld water or milk. This process increases thesurface area of the powdered product by partially rehydrating spray-dried milk powder.Freeze-drying - The first application of freeze drying was most likely in thepharmaceutical industry; however, a successful large-scale industrial application of the process was the development of continuous freeze drying of coffee.High-Temperature Short Time Processing - These processes for the most part are characterized by rapid heating and cooling, holding for a short time at a relatively high temperature and filling aseptically into sterile containers.Decaffeination of Coffee and Tea - Decaffeinated coffee and tea was first developed on a commercial basis in Europearound 1900. The process is described in U.S. patent 897,763. Green coffee beans are treated with steam or water to around 20% moisture. The added water and heat separate the caffeine from the bean to its surface. Solvents are then used to remove the caffeine from the beans. New non-organic solvent techniques have been developed for the decaffeination of coffee and tea. Supercritical carbon dioxide is one of these new solvents. U.S. patent 4,820,537 was issued to General Foods Corp. for a decaffeination process.Process optimization - Food Technology now allows production of foods to be more efficient, Oil saving technologies are now available on different forms. Production methods and methodology have also become increasingly sophisticated.