We are in a generation, where myths and gossips about something supernatural doesn't find a place in the society, but maybe there really is something like that?
I myself too, don't believe in such things....or rather didn't.  Something recently happened which changed my perception about the supernatural. There is a big bunglow in tobya, a picnic spot near Malgudi. We had gone there on a picnic, as it naturally happens, we were interested in that old dilapted house. It was actually being used as a tourist attraction. So we too went in, the guides there were busy telling us about haunted encounters in that place. We didn't believe them at first, and infact I wondered aloud that it was all a jinx . We had a short tour of the place and were about to leave, when the lights in the place went out. I was just a little shocked, as such place isn't prone to power cuts. When suddenly a hand at my sholder chilled me. I kept calm,but I dare not turn back, the hand than seemed to push a paper in my pocket, and then it all became normal again. The lights blinked in. After getting out, I unfolded the chit, it said " Dear miss,
We are there, nothing is destructible, and so are we"
Till date,my common sense says it was all a prank, to make me believe in those debatable ideas...but then was it really.....