A haunted house is a house that is haunted by ghosts, bad spirits or dead person's spirit. From that, it gets it name 'Haunted House'. It is believed that many halloweeny characters like, witch, vampires, ghosts, black cat, bats etc. live in haunted houses as a permanent living place. A haunted is really, a very scary and unusual house with mysterious and supernatural occurrences. Its physical description are old and dusty glass windows, broken furniture, haunted and dark rooms, dusty and rusted wall, shadows of darkness, etc. The place where a haunted is located is also very scary and it is usually seen black bats roaming, dark forest, 24/7 night, etc. A haunted house is very popularly seen in horror movies. A haunted house was really believed by superstitious and ancestrious people and nowadays, it is not believed and is only enjoyed as a fictitious horror.
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