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I think it must be william fielding ogburn
The word lag connotes a tendency to hesitate or falter behind. Hence, the term technological lag is indicative of a condition of technological progress in which the various interdependent elements loose their state of balanced progress and cease to exist is a state of equilibrium.As a result of this imbalance, the entire process of production is slowed and sometimes even completely stopped. Ogburn has given a beautiful example in tins context.The importance of forests in presenting soil erosion through rain and in preventing the spread of deserts is a matter of common knowledge. In order to get the benefit of these functions, both protection of forests and a forestation are essential, and all countries make efforts in this direction.On the other hand, many forests are destroyed because wood is needed for fuel, furniture and many industries. In this situation it is essential to strike an adequate balance between the growth and instruction of forests. Equilibrium can be maintained only when the number of trees cut exceeds the corresponding number of those planted a fresh, the balance is disturbed and in consequence, the rainfall is decreased, the desert encroaches upon cultivable land and agriculture suffers.This imbalance is an example of technological lag. If no consideration is directed to a state of technological lag, the organization of industries is disturbed and can result in loss.