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Temperature is the physical quantity based on the measure of which, heat energy flows between two bodies.   Heat energy flows from a body having higher temperature to the body of lower temperature.

Temperature is the degree of the measure of hotness or coldness in a body in any physical state (solid, liquid or gas).

Temperature is like the physical quantity "height" that is a measure of the gravitational potential energy.  By knowing the temperature, we can calculate the quantity of heat energy in a body.

Temperature is a scalar quantity.

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Temperature is basically the way you measure the degree of hotness or coldness of a given area.It is the way you express how hot or cold a place is.Its S.I unit is Kelvin(K) but its is also measured in degree Celsius( *C) or degree Fahrenheit(*F).

For example- Today its really hot.The temperature is 32*C. etc
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