Its our principal's feast day.She is a nun.I am the SCHOOL SECRETARY and is asked to deliver a welcome speech.plzzz help me.Please help me prepare a welcome speech..

Can u tell ur name.. so I can use. in answer.
great . thanks for ur affection but idk y everyone hates my


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Good Evening ,
My Respected Teacher's, Parents , Friends and Honourable Chief Guest. Today. it is honoured to itself to honour such a beautiful Audience to gather in this Auditorium.I and my co - host is very thankful to pur school that they had given me such a nice Oppurtunity to "Anchor". Today , we gathered here to celebrate our Prinicple's Feast Day. I would like to thank to audience as they had given their such Precious Time.Our Prinicple will start the Feast Day den we will start our Fun and Enjoyment.

So  Audience, now I m ending my speech over here,  I hope u vil enjoy here and we will try best to make this day as Memorable.
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MArk my best.. if it helps u..
its good but i want over a one half page