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FORGIVENESS :- yes we heard the truth that the person who forgive someone for there mistake is much bigger than the person who feel guilty for the forgiveness is a quality of noble men. People need to forgive each other because after all we are humans and everyone makes mistakes. A person who forgives the latter proves to be a good human. In our country we already have the culture to forgive one's mistakes. We should treat others in the way we have to be treated. So if u forgive your friend now then u can expect him/ her to forgive u afterwards if u make a mistake...

MODERN SOCIETY :- On the TV, on the radio, in the newspapers, every day we can hear and read that old, traditional values have d evaluated, that they are able to bring nothing good to modern world. But is it really so? In my opinion the nowadays, modern society cannot afford to reject the traditional values. Any society at any time will need some universal and never changing values and rules to provide basement for functioning and development.First of all there are some values which will never d evaluate.