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What has an eye but no head?
what room has no floor,roof,doors or windows?
what runs but has no legs?
what ring is square?
which word is always pronounced wrongly?
which fish does dogs like to chase?
what did the policeman have in his sandwiches?
whats black when clean and white when dirty?
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traffic jam
what is greater than god,
more evil than devil
human beings
What goes up and down stairs without moving?Give it food and it will live; give it water and it will die.What can you catch but not throw?I run, yet I have no legs. What am I?Take one out and scratch my head, I am now black but once was red.Remove the outside, cook the inside, eat the outside, throw away the inside.What goes around the world and stays in a corner?What gets wetter the more it dries?The more there is, the less you see.They come at night without being called and are lost in the day without being stolen.What kind of room has no windows or doors?I have holes on the top and bottom. I have holes on my left and on my right. And I have holes in the middle, yet I still hold water. What am I?I look at you, you look at me, I raise my right, you raise your left. What is this object?It has no top or bottom but it can hold flesh, bones, and blood all at the same time. What is this object?The more you take the more you leave behind.
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You can catch a cold, But you can't throw a cold