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Yes war is a monster because war brings a huge loss in the economy of a country. so war is also known as evil and many peoples die in the war because of war between their countries .War is not a peace but Today because of science man is too powerful and thus using science he can conquer the world also.we know that  War is evil and horrible, but still we need war. War has several beneficial outcomes as far as the whole of humanity is concerned; advancing technology, population control, and the spreading of cultures. Even if you disregarded these war would still be required due to the existence of men and people that are unwilling to change, unwilling to compromise, and the worst of all willing to force their wills on others. If not for war we would all be ruled by despots spewing lies at us with such force as to control us, with no war the liars would rule. In a world where liars ruled humanity would stagnate with little interest in advancing technology or building a better world. History has taught us that humans are inspired to great heights by danger and fear and not when complacent and content.
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We call war is a monster because the people who are participting in war are destroyed like a monster by the enemy group. War happens when there is no peace and friendship between the neighbouring countries, but mostly war happens when there is no peace. Nowadays, there is a new organization called UN with it's head quarters at new york city. the organization asks for the problem with the country in front of other country's executive who is participating in the assembly so that their problems can be noticed and take precautions to prevent the problem like a war is happening,they can prevent the war to take place. several organization like UN were introduced to stop the war. so please maintain peace and stop war.
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